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Your first step towards financial freedom.

At The Freedom Shift Academy, we are determined to remove the heaviness and significance of debt by finding the right solutions for our clients, enabling them to move forward, invested and excited about life, back on track and thriving.

We offer a unique and personalised service, where our clients are key.

We are dedicated to providing the best possible outcome for each and every person, regardless of circumstance. We never judge; we support, educate, motivate and empower.

Years of experience in the field of debt negotiation and management has given us a deep understanding of debt distress and the personal stories that accompany it. We have seen and solved debt crises across the entire spectrum; from health and family matters, to unforeseen life events and changing circumstances such as unemployment or relationship breakdown. Our focus is always on the individual and how we can work together to get the best possible outcome, ensuring they can look ahead to a positive, debt free future!

About The Freedom Shift Academy

We are on a mission to inspire and empower our participants to regain control of their financial situation by ensuring they are supported, educated and informed, breaking the debt cycle once and for all.


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